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Wilson & Kratzer Mortuaries
455 24th Street
Richmond, CA 94804
Contact: Kim Welsch
Ph: 510-232-4383
Fax: 510-235-7550
Email: [email protected]

Wilson & Kratzer Mortuaries

We invite you to discover who (what) has made Wilson & Kratzer Mortuaries the ultimate provider in creating healing experiences in the community. We have over 90 years of experience caring for families, from all walks of life, religions and nationalities. Families come to us because they know we are leaders in our profession, dedicated to excellence in service and have the highest integrity.

When our staff sits down with a family, our shared goal is to create a fitting, memorable and affordable Ceremony for their loved one. We offer them a wide variety of services and products, as well as a wealth of creative ideas and suggestions. Together, we’ll design a lasting memory that suits every need. Families who come to us know that years from now, they will have a deep peace-of-mind because they’ve done their best to honor their loved one.