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Curbside Kitchen

San Pablo, CA 94806
Contact: Raynard Lozano
Ph: 628-400-3840
Email: [email protected]

Curbside Kitchen

Curbside Kitchen is a Filipino-American gourmet food truck based out of San Pablo, CA. Our menu is a reflection of our family’s past and present – a product of what we love to eat. We take the traditional Filipino flavors and ingredients we grew up with, combined with the wealth of cultural diversity from our community, and jazz it up with a bit of Californian, Latin, and Southeast Asian flair. Our mission is to share our unique experience of being Filipino-American, to spread our culture in a way that anybody can appreciate: in the form of delicious, delicious food.

Our current offerings include burgers, sandwiches, tacos, and fries – all with a Filipino twist. Stay tuned for rotating specials and seasonal menu updates.