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Cookie Dough Parlor
1418 Pinole Valley Rd.
Pinole, CA 94564
Contact: Mahsa Gholami
Ph: 510-964-7622
Email: [email protected]

Cookie Dough Parlor

Cookie Dough Parlor was inspired by a love of cookie dough and ice cream.  We are a small, family-owned business and local residents.  We’ve been making our cookie dough at home for over a decade.  As local residents, we wanted a fun, entertaining place where people (including ourselves) could visit and eat the delicious cookie dough and ice cream combinations that we enjoy at home.  

Cookie Dough Parlor is all about creating your own delicious dessert.  That’s why we offer 9 flavors of freshly made edible cookie dough and 16 flavors of delicious ice cream.  We offer sundaes, creations, floats, and so much more.  A person can get their dough half-baked, which gives it a 2 minute bake effect, giving you that gooey warm combination with the cold ice cream. 

We make our cookie dough in small batches at our shop daily with a lot of love.  There are no preservatives, additives, or eggs in our dough.  Most of the cookie dough can also be baked into delicious cookies, which is why we sell Dough To Go.  Customers can also customize mixes of cookie dough and ice cream in pints to take home.

When customers come in, we want them to create whatever combinations they desire and to DOUGH it their way.  We love our community and are so happy to have a place where we can meet new locals on a regular basis.